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Mom's 'OF' Content Leads to Son Being Suspended
FEB 17, 2023  (11:27)

Mom's 'OF' Content Leads to Son Being Suspended

It's no secret that the internet is a wild and sometimes dangerous place, so it's no surprise that when it comes to their children, parents may be concerned about what types of content they might be exposed to online.

But for one OnlyFans mom in Florida, this was taken to a new level when her son's school suspended him after discovering content she had made on the platform.

Victoria 'Snooks' Triece, 31, announced that she plans to take action against Orange County Public Schools after they stopped allowing her to volunteer there because of her OnlyFans account.


In support of Triece, fellow OF star Sara Blake Cheek revealed that she and her family had been treated similarly. The 7-year-old son of Cheek was suspended from school when they found out about her content, prompting the mother to pull him out and homeschool him instead.

"When Victoria's story hit, I messaged her because she had found an attorney willing to take on an OnlyFans case," Cheek said. "I had a similar situation with being banned from my kids' football organizations because I did OnlyFans. They erased me from my kids' lives and humiliated me for what I did in private by exposing that secret."


Cheek explained that communicating with the principal was difficult as they refused to talk to her or provide a reason for their stance.

"My son was even suspended from school, and in trying to communicate with the principal, she refused to talk to me or give a reason as to why he was being mistreated simply because I did OnlyFans," she explained to The Star.

By sharing this story, Cheek hopes to end such discrimination against moms who make content on the platform for a living.

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