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Mississauga Teacher Exposes Terrifying Reality Inside Middle School
MAY 25, 2023  (1:52 PM)

Mississauga Teacher Exposes Terrifying Reality Inside Middle School

Parents at a Mississauga school are worried about the safety of students and staff in light of recent allegations of violence and dysfunction at the school.

According to an anonymous letter penned by a teacher at Tomken Road Middle School, there have been numerous incidents of physical violence against teachers and staff, verbal abuse, bullying, racism, sexual harassment and drug use.

The teacher also noted that they needed help with the situation as it was escalating. In response, Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce's office said they are investing millions to combat school violence, but boards are responsible for day-to-day school operations.

The letter alleges that these issues revolve around a small group of problematic students who tend to influence other students to act poorly due to the lack of consequence or discipline for misbehaviour. The Peel District School Board (PDSB) confirmed these incidents occurred but stated that not all students were involved.

The PDSB has taken steps to address these issues; the Superintendent has visited the school multiple times, meeting with administration teams and families of students who have caused concerns, while various departments have worked together with staff and students on how best to address any incident that occurs in the future.

Lucas Alves, PDSB Trustee for Tomken Road Middle School, released a statement saying he was «deeply concerned» about what he read in the anonymous letter and promised to review any findings from the ongoing investigation into this matter thoroughly before implementing strategies that ensure all individuals in the school have their dignity, safety and well-being prioritized.

He further encouraged everyone affected by this issue to continue sharing feedback, as it is paramount that an environment is created where everyone can learn and work without fear of violence or harm.

Source: CP24