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Majority of Canadians Now in Favour of Death Penalty
MAR 18, 2023  (2:10 PM)

Majority of Canadians Now in Favour of Death Penalty

According to a new poll released Friday from public research firm, Research Co. a majority of Canadians are now in favour of bringing back the death penalty.

The poll revealed 54 percent of Canadian respondents favoured reinstating the death penalty for murder convictions an increase from the last three years.

Mario Canseco, president of Research Co. noted, "What is interesting to me is we have these numbers in a time when nobody's talking about the death penalty . . . Changes (usually) happen on questions like this when a political party starts talking about things more openly."

Canseco believes that age and political affiliation play a major role in a Canadians likeliness to support the death penalty.

He noted almost 60 percent of Canadians aged 55 or older support the death penalty and that number jumps to 71 percent when polling Conservative voters representing an 8 point increase from data in 2022. Further, Liberal and NDP voters were steady at 48 and 49 percent respectively.

Amongst those against the death penalty, the main concern was wrongful convictions however, supporters of capital punishment argue it is a prudent action to deter potential murders.

"I don't think this is something (the Conservative party) might necessarily want to talk about . . . however, their base wouldn't be particularly dissatisfied if Pierre Poilievre were to say 'we should revisit this issue,'" said Canseco.

Ultimately, this data may represent an opportunity for Conservatives as they build their domestic policy under new leader Pierre Poilievre. In Canseco's opinion this may manifest in the Conservatives adopting tough-on-crime legislation.

Source: Toronto Star