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MDRA Continues To Flaunt Her Uniqueness On Debut Album 'INFERNO'
JUL 28, 2023  (2:49 PM)

MDRA Continues To Flaunt Her Uniqueness On Debut Album 'INFERNO'

MDRA just dropped her debut project 'INFERNO' and she lives up to the name with sultry ballads and fiery flows.

Hailing from the same city that has produced international talents such as Drake, Jessie Reyez, and PARTYNEXTDOOR, singer-songwriter MDRA aims to be the next star shooting out of the 6ix. Her enchanting sound perfectly combines strength with softness.

With less than a handful of years on the scene, she has managed to stand out and make her presence felt with engaging freestyles, main-stage-ready performances, and loads of press coverage.

MDRA is known for her versatility and varying contrast between her sounds. 'INFERNO' is no different.

The album opens with a stripped-down intro "White Noise" where she rants about a troubled relationship.

'INFERNO' takes listeners on a journey through MDRA's mind with laidback records such as "Empty House" and "1 IN A MILLION", to some fun bouncy records such as "Misery" and "G2G", to some energetic bangers such as "Bless You" and "Tunnel Vision".

She takes care of most of the album with the exception of features from Kafayéand Munna Cash.

Throughout the entirety of the album, MDRA shows off infectious flows and personal bars.

This album is the perfect launch to MDRA's discography debut and fans will be eager to hear more.

Stream 'INFERNO' below.