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Instagram Photo Gets Mum Banned from Gym
MAY 18, 2023  (3:38 PM)

Instagram Photo Gets Mum Banned from Gym

A mum of two was recently banned from her local CrossFit gym after posting a photo on her Instagram page.

Stephanie Harrison, 31, had taken out a monthly membership at CrossFit Death or Glory earlier this month and then shared an image in workout gear on her Instagram, which also links to her OnlyFans.

However, the gym owners were not happy with this connection and asked Stephanie to leave the facility immediately.


Their response took Stephanie aback as she felt that it was discrimination against her job choice - as a content creator for OnlyFans - and something that shouldn't have been brought into the equation. She said:

"I'm honestly stunned and disgusted. This is utter discrimination. I'm sorry I'm not a doctor or a lawyer and they don't think my money's clean enough for them."

The incident began when the now-former member posted the photo on both her Instagram account associated with work and her personal account following a class on February 21, including the hashtag #crossfit.

It didn't take long before one of the gym's owners got in touch via WhatsApp message asking her to leave due to pictures appearing that were taken in the gym.

When Stephanie asked for proof of this accusation, she was sent a screenshot of images from her backup Instagram account.

Stephanie explained how she had been part of CrossFit gyms since 2019 without any complaints about what kind of employment she carried out away from these locations. She added:

"CrossFit gyms are supposed to be a community - my job shouldn't be questioned."

The conversation ended when Stephanie requested written confirmation that they would terminate their contract with her and then blocked them from further contact on WhatsApp.

Still, she remains adamant that there was never any link between the gym and what she does outside it, nor did it come up in conversation until this incident happened.


Source: Wale Online