EXCLUSIVE: This Toronto Rapper Who Has Been Incarcerated For 19+ Years Is Using Music To Prove His Innocence For A Crime He Claims He Didn't Commit
MAY 8, 2023  (9:15)

EXCLUSIVE: This Toronto Rapper Who Has Been Incarcerated For 19+ Years Is Using Music To Prove His Innocence For A Crime He Claims He Didn't Commit

This Toronto rapper has been in jail since 2004 for a crime he says he didn't commit.

Greezy Money sat down for an interview with us in hopes his story can inspire change in youth and also search for help.

6ixBuzz: Who are you and what do you do?
Greezy Money: My name is Tyshan Riley aka Greezymoney,
I rap but I'm more like a G who can spit, I use my music as a message, and as a story of my life.

6B: What music do you listen to?
GM: I mainly listen to Toronto music nowadays, we got what it takes, we just gotta link up with music and stop the street polys.

6B: What is your current situation?
GM: I'm serving a double life sentence, wrongfully convicted. I'm still trying to prove my innocence.

6B: How long has this been going on?
GM: I've been in prison for 19 years. From April 19th, 2004 until the current date.

6B: What do you think is the reason or narrative as to why you're in this situation?
GM: I believe it's the jealousy and envy of childhood friends, who never liked my greatness, Iiving a reckless lifestyle and alongside the fact that I was targeted and profiled for years by police and tried through a corrupt criminal system.

6B: What are you doing to keep your spirits up?
GM: I work out (five times a week), stay active with all different types of sports, and Im a personal trainer on the side. I also stay in constant prayer because I know I'm in a righteous fight for freedom.

6B: How has music helped you?
GM: Music is like my outlet, it's a way of poetry, it's the way I release my pain and emotions. It's also therapeutic.

6B: How are you creating new music and promoting it?
GM: Creating my music is not easy but God bless technology. I rap it over the public phone and my engineers make magic. Promoting my music is a little difficult but I'm learning every day, for example using your platform.

6B: If someone wants to check out your music where should they start?
GM: You can find my music on all streaming platforms. (Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube)

6B: What is your objective as a rapper behind bars?
GM: My main objective is to use my music as a message, through my pain of being wrongfully convicted and my friends, family and day 1's turning their back on me. Also to show how fake the game really is, to show the yutes them that the game and gang sh*t is all a lie. It's fake; what you're taught, what you think and what you believe is actually a lie.

6B:What are you looking to accomplish?
GM: My goal is to show how I was taken advantage of through a bias and injustice system. How lies and collusion led to me being wrongfully convicted.

6B: Has past interviews helped your case in anyway?
GM: Past interviews has helped me spread awareness of my situation, but no major nor marginal things have happened yet. I still have a lot of foot work to go. I'm still looking for people to step up.

6B: Has any friends, family, programs or anyone tried to help you out?
GM: It's been so long, my friends became strangers. God bless my kids and my lady, they are there 100%. Dukes always there, all other family distant. I use programs to learn how my thought process in the past has effected ppl and how to take accountability of my actions. The programs help me but I have yet to see a program facilitator actually go out there way to help.

6B: What can we do help your situation?
GM: To help me you can continue to spread awareness of this injustice in hope it will get to the right ears of someone who matters and really wants to make a difference.

6B: What is your documentary about?
GM: My documentary is about my trials and tribulations before prison and during my sentence. How lies corruption, collusion and straight out injustice, led to my incarceration.

6B: When can people expect that and where will it be releasing?
GM: My documentary should be expected this year 2023 or early next year.
Can't tell u where exactly it will be release at the moment, but prior to my team will make a public announcement.

6B: What do you want our readers to know about Greezy Money?
GM: I would like ppl to know that Greezy was just like the average kid who had a dream in the hood. Although I tried to obtain an education, the school system continued to fail me leading me to get caught in the drug and gang culture of the projects. I became a product of my environment. Now Im trying to create a better future for my family and by giving back to my community through advocacy and youth mentorship. My music and interviews is to bring awareness to the black community and the youth so that they have a better understanding of my experiences growing up, the systemic oppression I faced through the criminal justice system and my fight for freedom now.

6B: If someone wants to help you out where or how can they do that?
GM: My contact information is as follows:

Tyshan A. Riley
Collins Bay Institution
1455 Bath Road
PO Box 190
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 4V9

The rapper also sat down with We Love Hip Hop for an extensive phone call interview you can listen here.

Check out Greezy Money's latest single "Believe In Me" below.