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EXCLUSIVE: This Man From Edmonton Who People Say Has Been Faking Parts Of His Life Is Now In Toronto And Scammed His Date And Her Friend Out Of $20,000 - You Could Be Next
MAY 3, 2023  (6:50)

EXCLUSIVE: This Man From Edmonton Who People Say Has Been Faking Parts Of His Life Is Now In Toronto And Scammed His Date And Her Friend Out Of $20,000 - You Could Be Next


This man from Edmonton who people say has been faking parts of his life is now in Toronto and scammed his date and her friend out of $20,000. You could be next. 

Britney Bea was scrolling through Tinder one day when she matched with a "CEO" back in 2021. They exchanged social media handles. Bea, 29 years old (at the time), clicked the man's profile. His name was Jonathan Buki. His bio read, "CEO/ founder." Pictures came up of him in front of a helicopter, sitting on the hood of a Range Rover and relaxing in an infinity pool. She was drawn in and grew a "trustworthy" relationship with him. 

Fast forward to October 7th, 2022. Bea and her friend "Jennifer" (alias name for privacy purposes), entered the Kost restaurant sitting atop the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel, on Portland and King St. The elevator doors slid open and the two women stepped out, ready to meet Buki. As the sound of their heels clicked on the floor, they didn't know that with each step, they were getting closer, they allege, to losing $20,000. 

​​Dating apps have been a growing way for people to meet. However, this has opened up opportunities for strangers to show a false luxurious life or build up a persona which is not true. Both women and men in Canada say that they have been conned by one man who goes by Jonathan Buki, targeting people of any gender, ethnicity, and age, out of thousands of dollars. 

A Toronto police officer who spoke with 6ixBuzz says, "Online scamming is a recurring type of white collar crime which is very hard to catch and has slowly been on the rise. It is raising growing concerns and the best way to go about it, is by finding preventative measures like using social media to warn people before it happens."

According to data from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), romance scams were one of the top reported scams in 2021. The number of reported romance scams increased 24 percent year over year. The dollar loss for romance scams was over $64 million in 2021 compared to over $27 million in 2020. 

Two women who happened to meet at a party also bonded over their own Tinder horror stories. They both allege that they got tricked and conned by men on Tinder. Shortly after, they realized they were talking about the same person: Jonathan Buki. 

They wondered, «How many other women have also been in the situation we are in? There has to be more,» said one of the two women who eventually started an Instagram account called @Jaybuki2, which is run anonymously by multiple people, to keep their cover hidden. 

The Instagram page has around 100 posts now and around eighty percent of them are victim statements. There is even a Reddit page link in the bio, with another 40-50 accounts of their encounters with a man named Buki. The alleged victims say that they often felt helpless afterwards.

This journalist made several attempts to reach out to Jonathan Buki about the Reddit and Instagram allegations through his new Instagram account and two numbers given by old contacts. However, he did not reply.

One more post was added to the Instagram account late last year when a woman came forwards about losing 20 grand.

On that evening in October, Bea and her friends went along for what they thought would be an elegant evening hosted, they say, by Buki, at the Bisha Hotel. Instead, they claim to have gotten tricked out of $20,000.

The women say that the night started off with a mixer in a hotel room Buki «booked».

According to the witnesses listed in the story, Buki had invited around 10-12 people. 

Bea and Jennifer left the crowded hotel room later in the evening and went to the lobby bar to share cocktails with other women. Bea decided to invite Jennifer to properly meet her date so they separated from the group and returned to meet Buki for a dinner date at Kost, the hotel's restaurant. 

At some point during the dinner and drinks, Jennifer believes that her debit card had been swapped out for a fake one.

The girls only realized a couple of days after, when they tried to use the card and noticed it was not real:

"I was in total shock when this happened, my heart dropped," said Jennifer.

After checking the bank statements, her friend saw 20 grand missing from her line of credit and realized what had happened. In an interview with 6ixBuzz, Bea states, "My friend never took her card out or told him the PIN."

One man, Brendan Summerskill, who was at the hotel party in Toronto that night, even tried to warn the ladies. Summerskill says that he also had a bunch of fraudulent charges on his credit card that weekend and was very suspicious about who had done it. 

He called up the women and explained how he searched Jonathan Buki's name and found an Instagram account.

"The account had many stories about this man who was ‘conning' women." The account has the same name as the man we were all with that night," he told the ladies over the phone.

However, it was too late. Their money was gone.

Some women on the exposé Instagram account, claim that the same man dated 2-3 of them at once, and even went by an alias, "Michael Cartier". 

Bea believes it was one of the many aliases Buki has been using to con people. Other women on Reddit ages say he uses multiple names and IDs to identify himself.


In an interview, Sumerskill said that Buki befriended him in Vancouver, where he used to do most of his scams, according to interviews with multiple residents.

As they grew closer over a couple of months, Summerskill says Buki eventually moved to Toronto. This is around the same time that the accused, Jonathan Boli Buki, was facing court charges, according to public court records in British Columbia. The public records under file 31546-1 show a "WI" status beside some reports. This means those reports resulted in a warrant being issued.

The last warrant he received was in August of 2022. In October, he was allegedly spotted in Toronto. 

Shortly after arriving in Toronto, Buki offered to fly Summerskill and his friends out from Vancouver to Toronto, saying they would be picked up in a Rolls Royce, taken to the W hotel, and out for fancy dinners, claims Summerskill. However, Brendan says his own name was being put down for the charges the whole time. 

"Buki would run late and ask me to put a card down until he arrived. Then after arriving, Buki would put a fake card down so when it declined, the other card would automatically be charged", said Summerskill.

One woman, Marta B, also experienced a loss due to Buki, when she was renting out a mansion in Edmonton to people a couple of years ago.

She claims Buki stayed at her property for three months and finessed his way out of paying rent:

"He paid the three grand for the first month and stole it back from my room the very next day", said Marta. "When we caught him, he made up an excuse, but we believed him because he made it seem as though he was so well off, and told us he was even an engineer."

She says she later realized what was going on and pretended to get in on the scheme in an attempt to get more information out of him. She would gain his trust and use it to try and help other girls she met through the Instagram account, who also got conned.


Those who have spoken out about alleged allegations are mainly women, although some men are involved as well. Buki's Instagram account, which has now been taken down, showed him living the "CEO" life, dressed in designer clothes and posing in front of rather boujee places. "This, combined with his ‘charming' personality, would fool anyone into trusting him," said Bea.

According to the B.C Ministry of Justice website, police in Vancouver have charged a man named Jonathan Buki with six offences between July 2020 and April 2022.

Under the court appearances tab, Bukis' name appears 72 times, at the Downtown Community Court and Vancouver Provincial Court. Buki's name also appears another 20+ times in other courts. Charges include personation with intent to avoid arrest, impaired operation, breach of release order and fraud under $5,000.

In a statement from another cop in Toronto who asked for his name to not be disclosed said:

"White-collar crime is the hardest to catch. There is a loophole in the justice system. After a warrant is made in one province, a criminal can easily flee to a different province."

Records show that courts in B.C. have issued 10 warrants for Buki's arrest.

If Buki is to be found again on British Columbian soil, he will be arrested", said a police officer from Toronto who looked into the case.

A reporter emailed Vancouver Police twice and also called them for information on Buki, but so far, they have not responded.