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Discover Why Toronto is the Hottest Remote Work Destination
MAY 26, 2023  (4:21 PM)

Discover Why Toronto is the Hottest Remote Work Destination

The remote work revolution has taken the world by storm, and Toronto is no exception. According to a recent report by online printing company Solopress, Toronto was ranked 8th in the world for "creative digital nomads" to work from.

With its low average monthly cost of living, affordable Airbnb rates, and reliable WiFi quality, Toronto is an ideal destination for remote workers.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 40 percent of Canadian workers were working most of their hours from home, according to Statistics Canada. However, that number dropped to 23 percent by August 2021 as companies began mandating office attendance with corporate policies.

Despite this trend towards centralized offices, freelancers are still able to take advantage of some of Toronto's remote work perks, such as faster internet services and lower living costs.

Remote work is associated with higher productivity and a reduction in greenhouse gases from commuting, making it an ideal alternative for many professionals seeking flexible work arrangements.

The report highlights creative jobs such as writers, graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, and video editors as ideal for the digital nomad lifestyle. For these professionals who can make remote work viable, Toronto offers an attractive setting to live and work in.

The average hourly rate charged by freelancers for creative jobs in Toronto is around $67 USD per hour, which is well below the prices in US cities that made the list. However, it is more than double the cost compared to higher-ranking cities, including Istanbul, Bangkok, and Budapest.

Similarly, the average monthly price for an Airbnb in Toronto is just over $6,600 USD, which is still relatively low compared to similar urban centers like Los Angeles or Hong Kong, which topped the list at number one, respectively.

For digital nomads looking to experience a unique blend of cultures while working remotely in one of Canada's most vibrant cities, look no further than Toronto.

With its low cost of living combined with decent WiFi speed (19 Mbps) and hot desk rates (around $196/month), there's no better place to enjoy all that this city has to offer while working from home.

Source: Streets of Toronto