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California Desert's Ghost Town Sells for $22.5 Million to a Mysterious Buyer
MAY 31, 2023  (12:37)

California Desert's Ghost Town Sells for $22.5 Million to a Mysterious Buyer

Eagle Mountain, a ghost town in the heart of the California desert, has recently found itself with a new owner.

On April 17th, an anonymous buyer purchased Eagle Mountain for $22.5 million. The buyer, identified only as Ecology Mountain Holdings LLC, is rumoured to have been drawn to the area due to its vast deposits of minerals and rock products.

In its heyday, Eagle Mountain was home to over 4,000 inhabitants and employed by Kaiser Steel Corporation as a mining town. However, it had remained mainly uninhabited since 1981, when the mine closed and evicted its entire population.

This all changed in 2003 when a low-security prison called the Eagle Mountain Community Correctional Facility opened up and housed inmates serving time for parole violations and other nonviolent offences—until it was shuttered following a riot that resulted in two deaths.

Nowadays, Eagle Mountain's landscape consists of hundreds of abandoned structures, including former homes, businesses, and community centers.

Hollywood has taken notice, too: several films have been shot in this unique setting, with Christopher Nolan's Tenet being one particularly memorable example involving mechanical wreckage.

With this mysterious new purchase by Ecology Mountain Holdings LLC comes an opportunity for renewal and revitalization of the once-thriving ghost town of Eagle Mountain; what exactly will be done remains to be seen, but it's certainly exciting to speculate!

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