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Anti-Capitalist Cafe Known for 'Pay What You Can' Model, to Close Doors After One Year
MAY 16, 2023  (2:58 PM)

Anti-Capitalist Cafe Known for 'Pay What You Can' Model, to Close Doors After One Year

The Anarchist, a Toronto-based cafe launched in March 2022 and prided itself on its anti-capitalist and anti-colonial values, is set to close after just one year of operation.

Citing the lack of generational wealth and seed capital from ethically questionable sources as the main reason for its closure, The Anarchist will shut down its doors on May 30th, 2023.

Owned by Gabriel Sims-Fewer, The Anarchist aimed to be more than just a coffee shop. It sought to challenge capitalist norms while promoting alternative ways of living and working, primarily through a unique ‘pay what you can' model designed to make coffee accessible to everyone.

However, this strategy did not yield the desired success due to criticism surrounding charges of hypocrisy between lower price items versus higher-priced drinks.

In addition to this financial limitation during the winter season, which made it impossible for The Anarchist to sustain itself long-term or grow in a manner necessary for viability, Sims-Fewer expressed frustration with the lack of ethical capital available.

This was seen through his statement lamenting sources he deemed ethically bankrupt as well as provocative messages expressing strong anti-rich, anti-police, anti-state and anti-colonial sentiments which were even reflected in merchandise sold at the cafe.

The closure of The Anarchist thus serves as an important reminder about the challenges faced by businesses that operate outside of conventional capitalist structures.

While its core message may have resonated with some community members, without traditional financial support, it proved too difficult for The Anarchist to stay afloat financially despite its commitment to promote alternative ideologies through their products and services.

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