This Toronto Owned Hot Sauce Combines Flavour With Heat And Puts Generic Sauces To Shame

Ever wished you had more options for hot sauce rather than the generic ones most restaurants serve you? Well, there’s one sauce that promises to remind you of h...[Read More]

Congo Coffee and Toronto Beignets: The City’s ‘It’ Spot For Bite-Sized Culinary Glory

There’s no arguing that Toronto has a diverse offering in the food scene, and one food location is no exception. Congo Coffee and Toronto Beignets’ are a mouth-...[Read More]

Jaden Smith Turned A Food Truck Into A Restaurant For The Homeless In L.A

Jaden Smith is the gift that keeps on giving. The 22-year old has turned his I Love Your Food truck into a restaurant to feed the homeless. READ MORE: Help This...[Read More]

EXCLUSIVE: This Toronto Bakery Is Making A Whole Menu For Filipino Heritage Month

June is Filipino heritage month, and one downtown bakery is celebrating with new Filipino-inspired menu items. The Night Baker, located in Downtown Toronto, is ...[Read More]

EXCLUSIVE: One Of Toronto’s Oldest Italian Restaurants Talk Culture, Food And Famous Giant Nose Sculpture

Gio Rana’s Really Really Nice Restaurant also known as The Nose, first opened its doors in 1989. They are one of Toronto’s longest standing Italian restaurants ...[Read More]

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