6 Really Unique Dining Experiences In Toronto That Will Give You And Your Crew A Night To Remember

A wide variety of cuisines from around the world call Toronto home, but more than that, there are unique dining experiences in the city that can take your night out with friends to a whole new level. Here are six interesting options for you and your crew to choose from next time you decide to hang out.

1. Dine in the dark at O. Noir

Experience food, drinks, and conversation like never before – in complete darkness! At O. Noir, you can devour their famous Filet Mignon, Shrimp Risotto, Pesto Chicken Breast, and so much more all while being in the dark. With a purpose to heighten your tasting senses, their menu also includes surprise meat, seafood, and vegetarian options, to truly take your tastebuds on a ride. When dining at O. Noir, you gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be blind, just like the team of wait staff consisting entirely of the visually-impaired.

2. Cool off at Chill Ice House

If you’re in the mood from some serious chill vibes, then Chill Ice House is an option for you! Everything inside this lounge is entirely made of ice. That includes the walls, tables, chairs, bar, curtains, sculptures, glasses, and even the colored portrait of the city’s skyline. This lounge features an extensive bar with light snacks to keep you on the go.

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3. Play your crew’s favorite game at Snakes and Lattes

What’s better than enjoying a good meal with friends? How about versing each other in games while devouring drool-worthy comfort foods and handhelds? Well, that’s exactly what you can do at Snakes and Lattes! They have dozens, if not hundreds, of games for you to choose from. On their menu, you can find items like vegan chili cheese fries, popcorn, nachos, fried chicken sandwich, a variety of burgers, and grilled cheese, accompanied by a drink menu to really get the party going.

4. Transport to a tropical paradise at Shameful Tiki Room

With winter weather quickly approaching, you and your pals can escape to a tropical, warmer paradise right here in Toronto. Shameful Tiki Room has an impressive menu of grog, aka alcohol, which includes huge bowls filled to the brim with liquor. As for food, they have snacks like popcorn cauliflower, loaded fries, coconut shrimp, garlic knots, chicken tenders, and even kimchi grilled cheese.

5. Eat like royalty at Blueblood Steakhouse

This restaurant is literally inside a castle – one of the biggest in all of North America that is. Blueblood Steakhouse is a modern twist on the classic steakhouse, and the menu highlights various cuts of the finest beef from around the world, as well as fresh seafood and an extensive international wine and spirit list. If you feel like dining like royalty, this is definitely the place to try.

6. Watch a knightly battle over dinner at Medieval Times

At this unique spot you’ll transport back to Medieval Spain and enjoy a royal feast! After raising a goblet to Queen Maria Isabella, fill up on some garlic bread, savory tomato bisque soup, carefully roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, and amazing herb-basted potatoes! You’ll stand witness to almost two hours of jousting, swordsmanship, and riveting hand-to-hand combat. It’s truly a show, fully equipped with magnificent and majestic beasts.

Manisha Singh

Manisha is a freelance writer and journalist who is passionate about connecting audiences through reporting diverse stories.
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