6 Spots In Toronto That Serve Ridiculously Huge Foods That You Won’t Be Able To Finish On Your Own

Massive foods are a massive trend, and Toronto is home to a bunch of huge foods that are guaranteed to satisfy even the largest of appetites.

Here are six big eats that you gotta try in the 6ix, whether alone or with the squad. Granted, we’re in a pandemic so maybe just take a to-go bag home.

1. The Bullger

The menu at The Bullger is filled with huge burgers that will make your jaw drop – but the one that takes the cake is their classic Bullger. This mammoth of a burger is made with two six oz beef patties and fully loaded with crusted portobello mushroom, three onion rings, beef bacon, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli in between two grilled cheese buns.

2. The Big Cannoli

The name says it all! Cannoli’s are Italian tube-shaped pastries that are filled with a sweet and creamy filling. This restaurant serves a MASSIVE dessert cannoli, which is literally filled with multiple smaller cannoli’s. It is a cannoli heaven y’all.

3. Lamanna’s Bakery

Ever ate a toddler-sized pizza slice before? Well, you can now at this famous bakery in Toronto. Their “Big Slice” can be ordered with multiple different toppings including their popular Pepperoni, Formaggio, Birthday Cake, or Chocolate Chip Cookie.

4. The Rolling Pin

This bakery is home to scrumptious and enormous 10″ donut cakes that come in multiple flavours for you to choose from, including Lemon Meringue, Creme Brulee, and Custard Bomb.

Not to mention, they also have a huge stack of doughnuts that’s literally made with 30 smaller donuts to create a huge fun cake!

5. Yu Garden

This restaurant offering Shanghai cuisine has huge soup dumplings on its menu. It is a massive dumpling filled with soup and meat, and they say the best way to eat it is by sipping the tasty soup from a straw first before diving into the delicious dumpling.

6. Geste Croissanterie

The croissants at this bakery are a whole lot bigger and a whole lot tastier and can be made to your very own liking.

It’s called the XXL Croissante, and the name definitely does this baked good justice. The one pictured here is filled with a dulcey ganache, drizzled chocolate and sponge toffee.

So do you think you have what it takes to devour these foods? Be sure to snap some photos and tag #6ixfoods if you decide to try one!

Manisha Singh

Manisha is a freelance writer and journalist who is passionate about connecting audiences through reporting diverse stories.
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