2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – FOR HIM EDITION

Ladies, did you wake up this morning and think, “Wait, it’s Valentine’s Day already?” 

If you’re panicking because you’re going to have a zoom date night with your boo tomorrow and have no surprise gift to show how much you appreciate your partner, I gotchu! 

At 6ixbuzz, we want to encourage you to shop local and support small businesses. All the businesses/services are based off in the GTA and are 6ixbuzz approved!

  1. HXF (HustleXFinesse) 
Price: $40.00

HXF is a luxury streetwear brand where quality meets high fashion and is made solely for the REAL HUSTLERS. Originated in Mississauga ON, HXF is slowly taking over the streetwear market and can be seen on some of your favourite up and coming artists and creatives in the GTA. 

This local luxury brand is the perfect addition to your partners closet, as the collections are versatile for anyone to rock on a daily or for a special occasion like Valentine’s day.

If you’re looking to spoil and drip out your significant other, HXF is the brand to shop with. Uniquely, HXF drops limited and exclusive collections, that are only available while quantities last. This makes their brand a perfect personal gift for your partner, cause they are one in a million.

Their new ‘2TONE’ collection is composed of our ultra-comfort mock neck tracksuits which are set to drop right after Valentine’s day and would make a great first piece of HXF to have. Girl, get your partner this hoodie cause we know it’s going to be yours eventually!

Their new collection drops on Sunday, February 21, 2021.

You can keep up with their new drops, sales and giveaways on Instagram, @hustlexfinesse and shop on

2. JayTee Co

Matching socks (2 pairs)
Price: $27.99

I think socks are an all-season, evergreen present for any gifting occasion so this gifting guide would be incomplete if I didn’t mention some socks!

JayTee socks are the perfect addition to add colour to your everyday Nike Dri-Fit socks. These socks are individually dyed making each pair unique. A wide selection of colour to match your style. From neutral to bright colours. Choose from 3 different socks lengths. Available in tie-dye and solid colours. 

The socks are so comfortable and the Dri-Fit technology makes them sweat-proof. The Nike Dri-Fit technology is perfect for everyday wear and for those who work-out.

Dream of colours and you can make them happen. If you’re into coordinating outfits then this is the perfect little touch. They’re also perfect for you to match with your boo. 

To get your man some fun socks, shop at or DM on IG (Prices start at $16.49 but vary depending on colours).

3. CreatdbyI

Raptors Custom Design: $170
Adult Nike AF1’s: $136 + tax

After putting getting your partner in the right outfit, I wouldn’t leave out the shoes or as some like to call it the “most important” aspect of an outfit.

If your partner has a niche interest, you can customise these timeless shoes. CreatdbyI redefines “wearable art” using paint on sneakers, clothing, & cases. All items are handpainted and the surface is prepped & sealed for the paint to last. 

You can’t top the idea of a unique gift because it’s created specifically for your special someone. You can essentially create any design and CreatdbyI will bring your vision to life. Get your partner’s favorite sports team or an anime-themed pair of kicks designed just for them! 

Snag yours today by using the code VDAYBUZZ for $15 off your custom item. 

DM @creatdbyi on Instagram or email at [email protected] with details on what item you’d like painted (sneakers, clothing, etc) and what design you had in mind. Be sure to read the ‘faq’ highlight on Instagram to answer any questions about the process of ordering. 

4. Terrel Odia

Custom Grillz: $950

Bling out your partner with some custom grillz!

Terrel Odia is I’m a Jewelry designer/ goldsmith who specializes in creating gold Grillz. Styles of grillz include; custom engraving, enamelling, diamonds & other options. 

You could purchase a matching gold set, just make sure you don’t blind anyone.

All orders must be booked via DM @terrelodia

5. LilTKeys

Custom Key Chain: $20

Keychains have been an iconic gift that have been presented for centuries and I think it’s time to bring them back!

If your partner is someone who looses their keys often, give them a reason to never loose them again.

LilTKeys makes and sells custom hand-painted keychains and is all about attempting new ideas! Designs can range from anime, cartoons, Arabic writing, names, album covers, couples keychains, pet keychains and much more.

It’s a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Get dates or locations embedded to make the gift that much more memorable. It’s a chance to have concepts you adore on an item that your partner can always keep with them.

Valentines Day sale is free shipping within Canada.

Purchasing the product via Instagram DMs: @liltkeys

Prices range anywhere from $10-40 depending on the details+shipping!

6. SplashofJaay

Animated Illustration (Digital Copy only): $20

Have a picture with your partner that you show all your friends and family to show off your partner? Make it more special by getting it animated!

SplashofJaay is a self-taught artist and illustrator who enjoys creating interesting artwork and bringing your creative visions to life. What initially started as a hobby,  has now transformed into a small business. Design styles are contemporary, driving a lot of inspiration from pop culture and upcoming trends to deliver the most versatile pieces of art. 

Get your favourite picture and watch it transform into a token of memory. These can be bought with a canvas or picture frame matching every modern day aesthetic. 

If this isn’t your vibe, SplashofJaay can customize any image that your partner will appreciate whether its their favourite artist, NBA player or pets, truly the possibilities are endless!

These portraits can be purchased as just a digital copy, printed and placed within wooden picture frames or printed on stretched canvas! 

To place an order, Instagram DM @splashofjaay 

Whatever the gift maybe, make sure to spend quality time with your partner and show appreciation for their presence in your life.

Happy Valentines Day!

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11 months ago

Get your partner right this vday and shop HXF🔥

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